Adobe Digital Enterprise

The Project

Design an app that could be white labeled and retooled to be used at professional conferences with an interface that could work across various tablet screen sizes.

My Role

Product Design, UI/UX — Agency Environment

The Approach

The first use of the product would be the 2011 Adobe Digital Enterprise Summit. With contacts on the Adobe side, I began having conversations about their problems, experiences and current solutions for hosting large-scale conferences such as the Enterprise Summit. As I talked to people who had gone to similar events, I was able to validate, tweak or invalidate some of the notions that I gathered from the initial interviews.

The process:

  1. Ask questions to stakeholders

  2. Researched similar products

  3. Share those products with stakeholders

  4. Start designing for features and initial UI

  5. Conduct interviews and share UI with users. Users being conference-goers

  6. Refine

  7. Iterate

  8. Repeat

Workstation with in-progress work for Adobe Conference App